Privacy Policy

For people who visit and view our website regularly, we respect their privacy. We implement our Privacy Policy because we value the importance of protecting any shared data from us. This legitimate policy will make sure that all the details from our users and visitors are truthful after we evaluate them.

We want people who visit us to understand the significance of adhering to this imposed guideline whenever they visit and view our content. Because we implement legitimate rules to follow, we never accept people who are not willing to understand what we impose.

Necessary Information

Our web site always requires all visitors and users to submit the important data or information, which we verify carefully. We need the information about their names, citizenship, locations and genders. When gathering these aforementioned data, we do not force the users and visitors because we require them to submit voluntarily.

Data Collected Sharing

The required information or details we gather are on the exact safety measures. However, there are instances wherein we share or distribute the data to our legal parties because there is a need for further investigation. We only allow them to use the data when resolving legal matters under the implemented law. If the existing agreement permits us to share details to certain individuals, we do not hesitate but must understand the condition.

Internet Cookies Evaluation

Our site is compliance with the existing guidelines when checking or reviewing cookies (known as Internet beacons). Because of this, we respect these imposed guidelines and the existing cookie consent from the EU when we accept visitors coming from this region. When gathering information from the cookies of our visitors and users, these include the OS as well as browser they utilize. The advantage of checking these data is that we can easily check the number of visitors and users who are active on our website. The information we collect likewise can help us improve our available services and in keeping us visible on the Internet with great reputation.

Alteration of Policy Guideline

A decision to change our implemented Privacy Policy will be under our control and so we can do the process anytime. We can delete or change any existing data from the policy and we do not need any kind of consent when we decide.